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February 2013

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30 S Say Christopher SteeLe, COO and president, Investment Consulting Associates NA, and twitter at @ICANorthAm England���s Second City Trades.��� The region retained its position tea and taxes, James Watt and Matthew In this column, we have occasionally as an industrial leader throughout the Boulton were developing the first delved into the topic of the supposed world wars and well into the 1960s and industrially practical steam engine decline of manufacturing in the United 1970s. Cars, aircraft, and goods of all in Birmingham. This combination States. From this, we have discussed the impact on both As the economy changed around it, the multi-modal transportation economic development and real estate markets network that allowed Birmingham and the Midlands to transform to a in the regions of the service economy also kept the critical ingredients in place to support industrial Midwest. During some recent manufacturing and industrial R&D. visits, I was able to study kinds came out of the region���s factories of engineering prowess, ability to and learn a little from some former until the global access that made the harness energy, access to raw materials, industrial heartlands, particularly in region successful finally caught up and and, eventually, access to a robust Birmingham in the English Midlands. surpassed it. transportation network transformed ��� ��� A HIStOry LeSSON The Midlands has a long history of being the industrial heartland of its own nation. Granted, the history goes back a bit further than that of, say, Detroit, Cleveland, or Louisville. While a few farmers, merchants, and landowners in the colonies pondered the Black Country and the rest of the Midlands into an industrial powerhouse. Success had its drawbacks. The term ���Black Country��� derived from the coal soot that covered much of the countryside at one time. The Midlands gained the nickname ���The Workshop of the World��� and Birmingham was the ���City of a Thousand Tools for the Transport Trade Contact your sales representative for information on 2013 advertising. I first encountered the region as BMW ��� ���Birmingham Midlands West��� ��� during location strategy projects in the 1990s. The area had begun the process of successfully reimagining itself as England���s Second City, only about an hour away from London by train. The clever ���BMW��� moniker initially got stuck in our heads, but the availability

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