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12 Above: Crowley trucks provide last-mile, just-in-time delivery in Puerto Rico. Right: Crowley operates more than 900,000 square feet of warehouse space in the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Central America. CROWLEY LOGISTICS CROWLEY LOGISTICS Customers looking to gain a competitive advantage through increased supply chain velocity and economies of scale need look no further than Crowley for total logistics solutions from factory or farm through to retail delivery. Our innovative systems provide customers 24/7 shipment visibility, all with a single point of accountability to reduce friction points and ensure products reach destinations at the desired time. Crowley's high quality solutions and decades-long expertise allow customers to focus on their core business while staying ahead of supply chain demands, technological changes and market forces. Customers achieve the best value proposition through the company's flexible combination of ocean, inland or air transportation services; Customs compliance services; warehousing and inventory management; and final-mile delivery services with specialists who understand how to successfully navigate the dry and cold supply chains at every point along the way. Unlike other companies, Crowley employs its own personnel domestically and in most international markets for maximum LOGISTICS Crowley's integrated logistics solutions help businesses grow.

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