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Above: The Texas is one of four Jones Act product tankers built with the ability to use liquefied natural gas (LNG) propulsion in the future. Left: In 2017, Crowley crews transported more than 472 million barrels of product and made 5,196 product transfers with zero spills. Center: The California, one of three vessels that are part of Crowley Alaska Tankers. Left: The three newest and largest Crowley ATBs are in the 750 class, including the Legend/750-2. Crowley Maritime Corporation 37 550 Class 650 Class 750 Class N U M B E R O F AT B S 155 K 5 5 0 20K 185K 6 5 0 20K 330K 7 5 0 30K BARREL CAPACITY 4 3 1 0 AT A GLANCE CROWLEY'S ATBS AND TANKERS AT 96% 330K LNG - RE ADY TANKERS: 4 TRANSFER RATES OF UP TO 22.6K PER HOUR BARREL CAPACITY AT 98% Crowley's ATBs offer safe petroleum transportation

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