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Above: Personal protective equipment (PPE) is an employee's first layer of defense. Top Right: Employees participate in a wide- range of charitable fundraising activities. Right: The Crowley scholarship program supports students from Alaska (pictured here) to the Caribbean and Central America. 4 MISSION, VALUES AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Our purpose Enriching lives through innovative solutions done right. What we value Safety: Safety begins and ends with each Crowley employee. Because of the nature of our work, we surround ourselves and the environment in layers of defense. We commit each day to realizing our goal of zero harm to people, property and the environment though focus and vigilance. Integrity: Great companies want to do business with other great companies. Integrity is a pillar upon which the Crowley name stands, and it is important that we always do the right thing, even when no one is looking. High performance: High performance is not only valued, it is expected. Crowley people provide extraordinary service. Our knowledge, passion, talent, ingenuity and helpfulness drive business for the company and create customer loyalty. Together as One Crowley, One Team, we are stronger than just a collection of individuals. Corporate social responsibility From supporting academic achievement and providing hands-on assistance to those in need, to helping current and former military personnel transition into the maritime industry, Crowley is committed to the communities where we work. COMPANY OVERVIEW

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