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Right: Safety at Crowley is looking out for yourself as well as others. 6 Crowley places the highest priority on safety and environmental protection. Our goal is to achieve zero harm to people, property or the environment. Safety Safety is Crowley's No. 1 core value, an ongoing commitment and a priority in our daily activities. To reach our cultural goal of zero acts of unsafe behavior, we have identified three vital behaviors that are expected from all employees. Crowley's three vital safety behaviors are: Stay engaged Follow procedures Speak up We know that the risk of an incident greatly diminishes when employees stay fully engaged and attentive to proper procedures. Proactively speaking up is critically important to safety and environmental protection. To emphasize this, we have given each Crowley employee, vendor and visitor the authority and responsibility to speak up and stop work if they believe a situation is unsafe for themselves, others, property or the environment. Security Crowley recognizes the importance of security and strives to provide a secure work environment for employees to protect our customers' and company's assets. As such, we vet security plans and protocols that guide our business operators, both on shore and at sea. Further, we use advanced technologies to proactively protect our people, facilities, cargo and intellectual property. SAFETY, SUSTAINABILITY AND RESILIENCE (SSR) COMPANY OVERVIEW

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