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BY CAIA CALDWELL INTERIM PUBLIC RELATIONS & MEDIA MANAGER MBAKS W hy is posting consistently important? Gaining and curating a social media following (what your business should be trying to achieve) demands an active and engaging account Often businesses struggle to come up with ideas for posts and how to structure their content Coming up with content on the fly each day might work for some, but most businesses do not have the time nor flexibility to brainstorm content each day This is where content calendars come in Creating an account for your business is not the difficult part of venturing into the world of social media—maintaining a presence online and consistently posting content is. The Importance of Content Calendars Right now, between MBAKS and Built Green social media accounts, I am responsible for eight different channels To keep the content flowing daily (and myself sane!) I have a "Social Media Calendar" spreadsheet This calendar is structured around a column listing every date in each month (Monday through Friday) Other columns track categories such as "events happening" and "promotions " This helps me map out which major events are happening that we want to post about and when Additionally, I have a column for each individual social media account Every day, I use my spreadsheet calendar to check off when I post to a certain social media channel This is an easy way to make sure you aren't neglecting one of your accounts Besides keeping yourself honest about your posting frequency, social media calendars make it easy to plan content ahead of time Have a brilliant idea for a future post? Note it in a future date! Have a chunk of time to work on social media? Plan out and organize your content now, when you have a second You can even go as far as writing captions and inserting pictures into the spreadsheet so you can quickly grab them for a posting at a later date Keep your company's social media content coming and use your time more efficiently—try a content calendar today! 20 master builder WINTER 2019 membership value

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