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F rom quartz countertops to walk-in showers, there is a nearly endless torrent of information telling consumers what they need to make their homes more livable and ultimately more valuable on the market—and sometimes that means great features get buried by the latest trends or flash-in-the-pan fads To separate the substantive wheat from the marketing chaff, you have to go behind the hype and consider the features that really make a home shine—that make it more comfortable, give it character, and make it stand out in the market To do this, you need an insider perspective from the professionals who design, build, and remodel homes I recently asked some of the experts what they think consumers should look for Here are a few of their responses OPEN-CONCEPT LAYOUT Jason Legat, Founder and President, Model Remodel There's something very inviting about open-concept living spaces that makes them a favorite layout for me What better way to spend your time at home than making memories with your family and friends? An open-concept layout gives you more opportunities to do just that NATURAL LIGHT & GREEN FEATURES Marin Ryles, Marketing Coordinator & Client Concierge Better Builders While must-haves in a home depend on an individual's personal style, there are a few staple features we look for Natural lighting is essential and windows should be arranged to capitalize on natural light whenever possible—it's an energy-saving and aesthetic bonus If you have a great view, floor-to-ceiling windows are a must When looking to paint a home, zero VOC paint and interior finishes are the way to go Using zero VOC products is one of the most important decisions a homeowner or homebuyer can make Not only does it help create a nontoxic indoor environment, it's also good for the natural environment—we choose eco-friendly products whenever feasible We recently became interested in high-efficiency hybrid boilers and water heaters based on a recommendation by our trade partners at PRDG Architecture + Design These tanks have a compact footprint and produce hydronic radiant heat and domestic hot water more efficiently than standard boilers and water heaters These are a great option when considering adopting green design elements in your home, especially if you want to save money Open-concept homes feel larger and airier The removal of walls and joining of spaces encourages togetherness in the home, too By blending the kitchen and the living room, you connect the two most common activities inside the home: cooking and lounging 29 WINTER 2019 master builder

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