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AUGUST 2020 WWW.PNWR.ORG 17 Reference 4 presented a short review of the emergency procedures for early models if a cable should jam or break--all the models have provisions for emergency access. Most require removal of a plug under the compartment in question (on 356s) or behind a bumper (on 914s), that will allow use of a wire hook to reach in and pull the latch. If a compartment cable breaks on the 911/912 cars, the latch will supposedly fail to open and the lid will rest against the safety catch. Fender gas filler lids with broken cables require access from under the fender by peeling back the rubber boot that drains the filler cavity. Periodic inspection of these compartment cables and their latches can often prevent emergency road repairs. Boxsters, Caymans, and 996 Carreras all have electrically operated latches. So, emergency trunk access is required if one of these late models has a battery failure after it has been locked. The initial 1998 Boxsters had an emergency mechanical wire trunk release that was located in the right front fender behind the fender liner that would release the front trunk latch and it pretty much required removing the right front wheel to reach it. If the key bolt socket for the locked wheel fastener had been left in the trunk, then it could become more complicated. A later solution recommended in owners manuals is to mechanically unlock the driver's door with the key and connect a portable fully-charged battery to designated terminals in the fuse panel in the driver's foot well which will provide enough electrical current to open the front trunk and provide access to the dead battery. References 1. Caldwell, A. "Porsche Mechanical Actuation Systems Part I: Linkage Controls," Panorama," May, 1997 (Up-Fixin der Porsche vol. 11). 2. Caldwell, A. "Porsche Mechanical Actuation Systems Part II: Cable Controls," Panorama, June, 1997 (Up-Fixin der Porsche vol. 11). 3. Porsche Parts Catalog, August, 2004, Part No. 00004340005. 4. Caldwell, A. "The Secrets of Lids and Latches," Up-Fixin der Porsche, Vol. VI, Page 53 (Panorama, December, 1981). SIX SPEED MANUAL TIPTRONIC Figure 2. 997 Carrera Transmission Cables (Reference 3).

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