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Presented by: North Slope, Alaska Crowley's long history of supporting North Slope operations outside of the marine environment was expanded in 1975 with the launch of specialized off-road, tundra transportation services that utilized Crowley All Terrain Corporation (CATCO) vehicles, also called "Gentle Yellow Giants." These heavy-lift overland transportation rollagons had large, tread-less, 54-by-68 inch airbag tires designed to softly move across the frozen tundra without leaving any sign of having ever transited the pristine area once the snow melted. In 2011, after almost 40 years of service, the division was sold to Peak Oilfield Services Company so that Crowley could return to its roots of transportation into remote areas of Alaska via marine services. Today, the company continues to support oil-field development as well as cargo and oil transportation to remote areas with both land- and water-based services, including tug and barge, project management and a fleet of modernized fuel delivery trucks in support of home, aviation and highway deliveries of refined products.

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