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As we close out the year and look ahead to 2015, I would like to tell you about something that we are all very proud of here at Crowley – the tremendous strides we have made in helping our employees improve their overall health. We have taken a proactive approach in creating a work environment that nurtures the many dimensions of wellness while heightening engagement, reinforcing healthy behaviors, increasing performance and controlling health care expenditures. This is done through a comprehensive program that we call Live Well – for Today and Tomorrow, which incorporates incentives, coaching and goal-setting to improve the total health and well-being of our administrative employees. When we developed the program two years ago, we defined eight dimensions of well-being that the Live Well program now supports. These include intellectual, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, financial, vocational and environmental, each of which contribute to complete health, an important concept. Additionally, we offer employees the opportunity to drive down the cost of their own health care insurance through an optional incentive program, which is based on points and a tier system. The brilliance of the program is in its simplicity. Just like safe drivers pay less for car insurance, Crowley offers discounts to employees who are health- conscious and who join in wellness activities. Points may be accumulated by getting an annual wellness exam, meeting a personal health goal or participating in quarterly health challenges, among other options. As the number of points accrues, employees earn higher discounts and are able to lower their individual contributions. Most importantly, since developing Live Well, employee health has collectively improved and the company's healthcare costs have been drastically reduced, all while increasing services and quality care. For example, in the past year alone, employees reduced their tobacco usage by 33 percent and the company's population was moved from a "moderate" to a "low" overall health risk category. We also saw a significant reduction in the number of employees who were at risk for a heart- attack within the next 10 years. From a cost standpoint, the company's health claims were reduced by $1.5 million and the cost per employee was reduced by $1,079. Other benefits include a reduced number of sick days taken by employees, an increased number of individuals meeting their individual health goals, improved financial stability for many, and much more. We're excited by the impact Live Well has made in the lives of our employees and we're already looking forward to the start of the New Year, when Crowley will expand the Live Well program to employees' spouses. Doing so will give all couples enrolled in the health care plans the same opportunities to take control of their health and healthcare costs. This is an incredible initiative that is not only changing the lives of those who serve the company, but it is also reducing company healthcare costs dramatically. I encourage our employees to keep up the good work and stay well. Sincerely, Tom Crowley From Tom Crowley Jr. Chairman and CEO Crowley Maritime Live Well Since developing Live Well, employee health has collectively improved and the company's healthcare costs have been drastically reduced."

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