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September 2016

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BY AARON ADELSTEIN DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMS AND PRODUCTS MASTER BUILDERS ASSOCIATION The best part about Painting a Better Tomorrow is that you don't need to know a thing about painting to participate. Coming in at a close second are the feelings of incredible accomplishment, community outreach and loads of fun you'll share with Master Builder Association members and area volunteers as we all get the chance to break out of our daily routines for a great cause. Plus, there's free lunch! OK, maybe some of those are more important than free lunch but they all come together to create a very special day. And as we get closer to this year's event, which is scheduled for Saturday, November 19, I get more excited each day. I love stepping out of my normal routine, getting a bit paint-covered along with other volunteers and meeting the Painting by Numbers A new batch of amateur artists take over as Painting a Better Tomorrow ™ gains ground in our region. Saturday, November 19, 2016 starting at 8:30 a.m. Team up with friends and volunteers of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties for a day of giving. Join us November 19, 2016 to help brighten a local service organization with a fresh coat of paint. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. VOLUNTEER! Register to volunteer today by contacting Michell Filleau-Maas, 425.460.8232 or m A free t-shirt and lunch will be provided. Changing the world one brushstroke at a time. individuals who benefit from our collaborative efforts. What has all this excitement and emotion produced to date? Our 150-person crew of Association members, staff and community volunteers have helped paint more than 250,000 square feet of community housing and shared program buildings since 2009. We covered 30,000 square feet in 2016 alone! Since its inception, the program has provided over $80,000 in time and labor to our neighbors. That's a lot of expressionism! And it's all because we, our members and our volunteer friends, choose to set aside a day or two to give back. There's a lot of power when individuals become a collective group bent on doing some good around the neighborhood. Want to channel your inner Michelangelo, Van Gogh or just help our neighbors-in-need grow? Block out Saturday, November 19 and come ready to paint. If you can participate, even if only for an hour or two, please contact Michell Filleau-Maas at 425.460.8232 or 20 master builder 09.16 industry image

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