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September 2016

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BY JOSEPH IRONS, GMB, GMR, CGR, CAPS, CGP IRONS BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION, INC. 2016 PRESIDENT MASTER BUILDERS ASSOCIATION Doing Good, Feeling Well— The Power of the Stories We Tell MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Remember the television show 30 Rock? Tracy Morgan's character taught us a valuable grammar lesson. Tracy: "How are you doing?" Person: "I'm doing good." Tracy: "Na-ah; Superman does good. You're doing well." Thank you, Tracy. I've been reminded of this quote all year as I've seen our members doing good and feeling well because of it. For example, in May we had the biggest Rampathon® in history. Working alongside 31 member captains, countless volunteers built 38 ramps, making the lives of 37 families a little easier. That's not simply impressive—that's inspiring. As a past chair on the event and having built a ramp on behalf of Irons Brothers Construction every year since 2006, the inspiration I get from Rampathon is quite personal. It's great to see how much the event has grown and how much visibility the Association receives from it. This year, King 5 News was there and Everett's Daily Herald gave us a cover story. Rampathon is a signature event that garners a sizable spotlight because it tells a powerful story. The good news? We still have plenty of wattage to tell individual and collective stories alike. DO YOU HAVE A STORY? WANT TO TELL IT? Visibility is a funny thing. Sometimes the seemingly smallest stories turn out to have the biggest impact. These stories come from every corner of our Association, from one-person crews to big brands. I see this positive industry imagery everywhere. One of our goals for 2016 and beyond is to increase visibility for the MBA and our members through the stories of our ongoing community service and sustainability work—stories we think present us all in a very human, and very true, light. We all have families. Friends. Clients we care about. We strive to make our neighbors safer and our fellow human beings happier. Some of this is accomplished through our work and some through volunteer endeavors like Rampathon or the upcoming Painting a Better Tomorrow™ event. Either way, it feels good to be a part of it. So, keep doing good all you supermen and superwomen. Your stories provide more inspiration than you know, and we love telling them. I hope you'll join me at Painting a Better Tomorrow on November 19. I have a feeling a story or two will be created on this special Saturday. One of our goals is to increase visibility for the MBA and our members through the stories of our ongoing community service and sustainability work…" 5 09.16 master builder in every issue

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