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September 2016

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BY SARAH HENRY 2016 REMODELERS COUNCIL CHAIR GASPAR'S CONSTRUCTION So, You Think You Can Manage? E veryone has one. That's pretty incredible but not too surprising, I suppose. A good manager, and good management, are both incredibly hard to fi nd. So don't blame your terrible manager too much—they probably didn't even realize how terrible they were. You, on the other hand, have no excuse. You've seen bad management styles, and you know better. But how exactly do you avoid the mistakes you've seen made, and very possibly experienced, so many times? It's more than just being well-liked. Being the cool manager feels good, but doesn't entirely cover the bases of management. It takes What's your terrible manager story? personality, yes, but also an ability to get the most of out your employees and getting them where both you and they want to go. There's also this little thing called a life that people tend to value. A good work-life balance prevents burnout and creates enthusiasm and energy on the jobsite or offi ce, which in turn maximizes effi ciency and eff ort. HOW'S THAT FOR BEING COOL? Of course, the things above only skim the surface of what being a manager is about. How do you deal with time management for diff erent personality types? What does your production system look like? What about your budget? Are you actually getting the most out of your employees, and vice versa? JOBSITE AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP: A 2-day course led by Tim Faller September 26 and November 3, 2016 Register today at ARE YOU A GOOD MANAGER? Are you covered in sweat just thinking about it? Grab a towel and dry off , then check out Tim Faller's two-day course on improving the bottom line through eff ective production training. Tim's been doing this for a long time and his workshop deals with the real issues that business owners, project leads and managers face every day. It is possible to build a high-performance production team and lead the way you want. A good place to start is at the MBA Housing Center on September 26 for Tim's workshop. 41 09.16 master builder Words From tHe cHair

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