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September 2016

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BY BRENDA NUNES 2016 SALES & MARKETING COUNCIL CHAIR KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY This September…Inspiration Bleeds Green SALES & MARKETING COUNCIL LUNCHEON Green Building Stories of Success September 28, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. | MBA Housing Center, Bellevue More info and directions @ What inspires you? Go beyond money and recognition. Think truly inspiring things in your life, like family, health and a desire to help others. Do any or all of these ring true? I think most would agree that family, friends and well-being top just about everyone's inspiration agenda, with altruism in there somewhere as well. Most of us, it seems, aren't quite as selfi sh as we make ourselves out to be. We try to help others when we can and often think of ourselves second—particularly when dealing with family and close friends. Sure, we'd like to be able to help others, but where is the time? What can we do? Why are the topics of inspiration and altruism on my mind? I can't help but correlate the two in anticipation of our September Sales & Marketing Council (SMC) Luncheon. September is a transitional period where the deep greens turn to crisp reds, oranges and browns, but this year, things will stay green a bit longer as we celebrate Sustainable September. This special edition of the SMC Luncheon will feature inspiring tales of eco-injected achievements from across the residential homebuilding landscape. Being green is no longer a part-time job, and is almost a requirement these days. If we are to sustain and save the beautiful things we have, we each need to do a better job caring for our environment— both the one we inherited and the one we built. Perhaps after munching some delicious grub, the inspiration to do more will strike. Maybe after hearing the stories of zHome owners Bryan H. Bell and Karin M. Weekly, or Built Green's Leah Missik. Maybe a new acquaintance will introduce you to some cool innovation and you'll be off and running. Who knows? Maybe you'll help save the world one day, or perhaps just a little corner of yours. Either way, that's a win! That's one of the best things about our gatherings—something great is always right around the corner. All you have to do is show up and fi nd it. 48 master builder 09.16 Words From tHe cHair

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