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It's a big ocean. The fleet ventures out to make their livelihood in a harsh and unpredictable environment. They are interested in outfitting their vessels with top products and equipment that best prepare them to reliably harvest their catch and deliver it. It's a big marketplace. Your venture starts with ads in PACIFIC FISHING, showing them your brand and services to best help them meet their goals. Join your customers in their favorite magazine – your chances of joining them on the grounds as they haul in their catch are greatly maximized. You can be a big part of their success and PACIFIC FISHING puts you in the best position to accomplish this. We look forward to working with you throughout 2017! JOHN NORDAHL, Advertising Sales (206) 775-6286 The North Pacific MEDIA KIT | 2017 PACIFIC FISHING 2 Issue Focus January ....... Fishing safety: Setting the right tone for the new year. Gear focus: The latest in foul weather fashion. February ...... Groundfish: A preview of Alaska's major trawl fisheries. Gear focus: Nets, sensors, excluders and monitoring systems. March ......... Herring: A look at herring fisheries from San Francisco to the Arctic. Longlining: A preview of the halibut fishery. Gear focus: Deck and processing equipment. April ............ Focus on finance: Banking, taxes, insurance, and more. May ............ Boats: New construction, major overhauls including trends and related topics. Equipment focus: Diesel troubleshooting, lubricants and maintenance. June ........... Salmon: A preview of the Alaska, British Columbia, and West Coast fisheries. Selling the catch: Markets and marketing. Transportation and cargo handling: Icing/containers/refrigeration. Issue Focus July ............. Gear focus: Ropes, cables, chains, props and propulsion. August ........ Tuna: Sizing up the albacore fishery. Bad Boys: Fisheries enforcement in the North Pacific. Gear focus: Hydraulics, winches, sonar and radar. September ... Yard work: Vessel maintenance, from anchors to props to zincs. Product focus: Paints and coatings October ....... Salmon: A wrap-up of the Alaska, British Columbia, and West Coast seasons. Electronics focus: Fish finding navigation. Gear Focus: Water makers and oil water separators. November .... Shellfish: Alaska king and snow crab outlook. Pacific Marine Expo special: Our largest issue of the year! Engine overhauls: Building in new technologies. December .... The connected issue: Internet, satcom, radio and at-sea entertainment. Fuels and fuel additives. EDITORIAL CALENDAR: ISSUES WITH EXTRA DISTRIBUTON: • April: ComFish, Kodiak, AK • September: Pacific Fishing visits Washington and Oregon ports • November: Pacific Marine Expo, Seattle, WA • December: 2018 Pacific Fishing Calendar distributed with the December issue at PME PACIFIC FISHING 2

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