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ADULT 26 Fall 2017/Winter 2018 MARTIAL ARTS Naginata This Japanese martial art shows both power and grace. It is characterized by the grandeur of the sweeping movements of the Naginata. This art is for those interested in either competitive fighting or in the physical beauty of choreographed movements called kata. All levels welcome. (Min 10, Max 20) Age: 13+ Day: Sat Time: 1:30pm - 3:30pm Instructor: Kurt and Karen Schmucker Location: Mercer Island Community & Event Center Gym Course # Date Resident/Non-Resident Fee 17246 Sep 16 - Dec 9* $184/$220 17249 Jan 6 - Mar 31* $184/$220 *No Class: Sep 23, Mar 17 Kendo "Way of the Sword" Learn the art and traditions of Kendo, "The Way of the Sword". Become skilled in this Japanese samurai style of swordsmanship. Kendo is powerful and graceful posing challenges to build character, mind, and body. Kendo is for the entire family! (Min 10) Age: 8+ Day: Fri, Sun Instructor: Cascade Kendo Kai, Gary Imanishi Location: Mercer Island Community & Event Center Course # Level Date Time Resident/Non- Resident Fee 17282 Int/Adv Sep 3 - Dec 10* 7pm - 9pm $121/$144 17283 Beg Sep 3 - Dec 10* 3pm - 3:45pm $121/$144 17284 Int/Adv Sep 8 - Dec 15* 3:45pm - 4:30pm $130/$155 17285 Int/Adv Jan 7 - Mar 25* 7pm - 9pm $103/$123 17286 Beg Jan 7 - Mar 25* 3pm - 3:45pm $103/$123 17287 Int/Adv Jan 5 - Mar 30* 3:45pm - 4:30pm $121/$144 *No Class: Sep 24, Nov 10, Mar 18 Tai Chi: Beginning Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art focused on breathing and fluid motions. Consistent practice provides valuable help in lessening tension and increasing physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Instructor Ning Wang is an accomplished competitor and instructor of Wushu-Tai Chi receiving (28) medals; including (9) Chinese and International Championships. (Min 7, Max 20) Age: All Instructor: Ning Wang Location: Mercer Island Community & Event Center Course # Day Date Time Resident/Non- Resident Fee 17278 Tue Sep 26 - Dec 12 12pm - 1:15pm $184/$220 17279 Sat Sep 23 - Dec 9* 9:30am - 10:45am $169/$202 17280 Tue Jan 2 - Feb 20 12pm - 1:15pm $124/$148 17281 Sat Jan 6 - Feb 24 9:30am - 10:45am $124/$148 *No Class: Oct 28 DROP-IN ACTIVITIES AND SPORTS Fees for drop-in activities and sports (excluding the Mercer Island Community & Event Center Fitness Room and ping pong) are: Youth/Senior* Resident $2.25 Youth/Senior* Non-Resident $3.25 18+ Resident $3.25 18+ Non-Resident $4.50 *Senior rate ages 65+ Gym Hotline - (206) 275-7892 The gym hotline was created for the convenience of our participants. It offers a quick and easy tool for checking for any changes in the status of the current day's drop-in programs. The gym hotline is updated every morning with any changes to that day's drop-in programs and open gym times. All participants are encouraged to call the gym hotline before coming in for a drop-in program to verify that there have not been any last minute changes to that day's regular schedule. The gym hotline number is (206) 275-7892. Outdoor play is a multi-sensory activity. While outdoors, children will see, hear, smell and touch things unavailable to them when they play inside. They use their brains in unique ways as they come to understand these new stimuli.

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