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As the most widely read publication in the North Pacific fleet, Pacific Fishing will continue to evolve. We at Pacific Fishing are committed to enriching and educating the present, embracing the future while preserving the memory of the past. Therefore, we at Pacific Fishing have embraced multichannel marketing techniques. Using a single channel approach to reach out to customers is an insufficient strategy in to- day's world – it is no longer enough. It's a big ocean out there. The fleet ventures out into the harsh and unpredictable environment of the North Pacific. Let Pacific Fishing Magazine be your compass in the ever-changing unpredictable environment of today's multi platformed marketing waters. Pacific Fishing will deliver your message long valued by the North Pacific commercial fishing industry. In this ever- changing modern world, organizations must be diverse when delivering marketing and advertising campaigns. Latest estimates indicate that over 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. Be it our venerable printed publication, our e-news Fish Wrap, multi- platformed based banner ads or a myriad of other digital and social media platforms, let Pacific Fishing be the bait to catch a bigger share of business in the North Pacific this year! Give me a call, we'll talk strategy. JOHN NORDAHL, Advertising Sales (206) 775-6286 Welcome to 2018 and Pacific Fishing Magazine MEDIA KIT | 2018 PACIFIC FISHING 2 Issue Focus January ....... Fishing safety: Commercial fishing and kids Refrigeration: Chilling the catch February ...... Groundfish: A preview of Alaska's major trawl fisheries Gear focus: Nets and accessories Electronics focus March ......... Herring: A look at herring fisheries from San Francisco to the Arctic Longlining: A preview of the halibut fishery Gear focus: Hydraulic deck equipment April ............ Focus on finance: Banking, taxes, insurance, and more Glossary: Industry terms defined – from anadromous to lazarette, opilio to zincs May ............ Around the Yards: A roundup of vessel construction and maintenance projects Engines: Prepping your engine for a new season and the off-season June ........... Salmon: A preview of Alaska, British Columbia, and West Coast fisheries Selling the catch: Markets and marketing Electronics focus Issue Focus July ............. Welcome Aboard: A profile of a working fish boat and its owner Life at sea: How to make a noisy boat quieter Equipment focus: Gensets August ........ Tuna: Sizing up the albacore fishery Bad Boys: Fisheries enforcement in the North Pacific Refrigeration: Chilling the catch September ... Around the Yards: A roundup of vessel construction and maintenance projects Engines: Repowering for success October ....... Salmon: A wrapup of the Alaska, British Columbia, and West Coast seasons Processor directory Focus on finance: Nontraditional loans in fisheries November .... Shellfish: Alaska king and snow crab outlook Q&A: An interview with a top fishery manager or elected official Welcome Aboard: A profile of a working fish boat and its owner Pacific Marine Expo special: Our largest issue of the year! December .... On the move: Focus on seafood transportation and logistics Fishing associations directory Includes 2019 Calendar EDITORIAL CALENDAR: ISSUES WITH EXTRA DISTRIBUTON: • March: ComFish, Kodiak, AK • November: Pacific Marine Expo, Seattle, WA PACIFIC FISHING 2

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