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Winter/Spring 2018

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Pullman Aquatic & Fitness Center: 500 NW Larry St PAFC Phone: 509-338-3290 Senior Center Phone: 509-338-3307 Pullman Senior Center: City Hall, 325 SE Paradise St 23 23 GENERAL RECREATION/MARTIAL ARTS GENERAL RECREATION/MARTIAL ARTS Mark your Calendars! Mark your Calendars! Family Fair Family Fair Saturday, April 21 10:00am-2:00pm Free activities for children and families from organizations serving the Palouse! Stay tuned for more information! Lincoln Middle School 315 SE Crestview St Pullman, WA Interested in participating in this years' family fair? Interested in participating in this years' family fair? Contact us at: PalouseFamilyFair@gmail.com Contact us at: PalouseFamilyFair@gmail.com Parks & Recreation Spirit Week Pullman Parks & Recreation Spirit Week is coming April 2018! Help us celebrate our upcoming spring/summer activities and programs. Stay tuned and check our website, PullmanParksandRec.com, Facebook and Twitter pages for more information! Warm the Heart of Others: Adult and/or Parent & Child We have taken the fuss out of planning meals for your special parent! You will have the opportunity to prepare three meals (a breakfast, lunch and dinner) in a jar. All dry ingredients and supplies will be provided along with recipes, instructions, gift tags, and decorative embellishments for your ready-to-give gift. Instructor: Jean Druff el Location: Pioneer Center Min 4/Max 12 Adults and/or Parent & Child Child must be able to follow directions, with 1-on-1 parent/guardian supervision per child Mother's Day Meal Oatmeal cinnamon pancake mix, chicken and rice soup, and skillet lasagna mix Th ........... Apr 26 ....................... 4:30-5:45pm Resident: $29/N-Resident: $31 Father's Day Feast Chocolate chip muffi ns, chili, and cheesy ham and potato casserole Th ........... May 24 ...................... 4:30-5:45pm Resident: $29/N-Resident: $31 New! New! Shito-Ryu Karate Instructor: Mike Stack Location: Pioneer Center Min 8/Max 16 No class: Jan 15, Feb 19, Apr 2, 4 Karate for Kids Students are challenged to maintain or improve their manners, respect for themselves and others, and self- discipline. Flexibility and strengthening exercises are taught along with tumbling maneuvers. Learn self-defense tactics, awareness, and avoidance of risky situations. Basic karate stances, blocks, punches, and kicks are also covered. Caregivers who wish to train with their child are welcome to register in this class. 6-8 yrs MW ......... Jan 8-May 2 ............... 6:45-7:30pm Resident: $89/N-Resident: $91 Beginning Manners, respect, and self-discipline are emphasized in this traditional Japanese martial art program. Kata (forms), introductory tournament sparring, and basic self-defense techniques are covered. Each class includes 20-30 minutes of aerobic, fl exibility, and strength-building exercises. Attire should be loose fi tting and cool, as the class can be moderately strenuous for those not already in good physical condition. Advancement opportunities are available. 9+ yrs MW ......... Jan 8-May 2 ............... 7:35-8:35pm Resident: $119/N-Resident: $121 Intermediate This class includes more advanced forms, kobudo, self-defense, and sparring techniques. Class is limited to those with abilities equivalent to Nihon Karate Do Kenwa Kai blue belt (8th kyu) and above. 9+ yrs MW ......... Jan 8-May 2 ............... 8:40-9:30pm Resident: $89/N-Resident: $91 Join the fun!

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