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Spring 2018

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BY CAMERON POAGUE MASTER BUILDERS ASSOCIATION Let's play word association. I'll give you a name and you tell me the first word that comes to mind. Ready? Jim Coshow. Go. What did you say? Charitable? Giving? Friend? Unique? Advocate? True? Gentleman? Intelligent? Established? Respected? Notice a theme here? If you've met Jim once, chances are you would say at least two or three of these words. For Jim is as unique as they come, with seemingly no faults. He's basically building's version of Mr. Rogers. Oh, you think that's a little too far? You obviously haven't met the man. Or, if you have, you haven't realized the breadth of all he does for our region, our communities, our friends, and neighbors. Because humble is another word you could throw out. Since he would never do such a thing, we'll take on the honor of bragging about Jim just a bit. It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood… Let's start with his role at Dunn Lumber. For many, Jim (technically Jim, Jr.) is the face of Dunn. In his role as vice president of sales and marketing, this makes sense. But it's more than that. People enjoy interacting with Jim; they smile when they see him. Dunn is known for stating "We don't have a guarantee, we have a promise." That's Jim. Everyone needs a Jim Coshow in their neighborhood. Thankfully, he and Dunn Lumber cover them all. ALL HEART, ALL THE TIME 50 master builder SPRING 2018 »

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