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Driver Education - Tom Pritchett: Not Present - Report Submitted There will be 7 events in 2011 including 2 weekends and one event with both a day and evening driving opportunity. February 19th is the date scheduled to help Pacific Raceway clean up the facility. Two events are scheduled back to back with the BMW club. This will provide an opportunity for two two-day driving events. SCCA has noise measuring equipment and is going to measure the noise level at the track. This is related to the neighbors that are complaining about the noise levels at Pacific Raceway and are against the Pacific Raceway expansion. Chief Driving Instructor - Bill Bauer: Present - Report Submitted The Instructor Clinic is held annually at Pacific Raceways. The goal for the instructor clinic is to set standards and build continuity between instructors so our track events run smoothly and our quality continually improves. This is an event for our instructors only. Our agenda is focused specifically on teaching and instructing. The PCA and BMW clubs hold the clinic jointly. Instructors and candidates who pass the evaluation are accepted as instructors in both clubs. BMW is hosting the Instructor Clinic in 2011. Driver Skills - Bill Bauer: Present - Report Submitted There will be nine Skills Day events in 2011. The dates will be posted on the PNWR 2011 calendar. Spiel Editor - Barb Coplen: Present - Report Submitted We sent out a call for comments on raising the dues from $12 to $20. There were five (5) responses, all in favor. New Chairs/Board members need to provide their contact info for publication in the Spiel and on the web site. Goodie Store - Ted and Kathy Vander Hoek Not Present - Report Submitted Ted bought 50 of the new style mugs. The price is $10/ea. Emmett Koontz brought them to the meeting. They are very attractive and well worth the price. Jay Gillotti is working with Ted on how to integrate the David Bull Publishing Company offer of a discount to our members who order books. Jay and Ted are looking at possibly using a code to link an order from a PNWR member to the store when purchasing. Membership - Pete Olson Present - Report Submitted Year to Date, we picked up 230 new members. 56% of the new members drive 911s. The 911 contingent is followed by: Boxsters, Cayman, Cayenne, 914, 944, GT3, 912, 356, 928, 968, 924, GT2, 1 Panamera and 1 Carrera GT. In January we'll be seeing how many zip codes our members represent. Pete is looking to transition the Membership Chair to Jay Gillotti. Safety - Steve Downing: Present – No Report Submitted Social - Larry & Sherrel Nelson: Present - Report Submitted The Annual Banquet is on January 22nd at the Museum of Flight. The event starts at 6 pm, but if we are registered for the dinner, we can spend all day. The Museum opens at 10 am. The cost of the Annual Banquet is $57. Special Events - Duncan Newell: Not Present – No Report Submitted Technical Education - Bill Rogers: Not Present - Report Submitted The first couple of events are set up. Griot's is planned for January 29th. Tours - Kerry Abbington: Not Present – Report Submitted Eric Kent and Miller Adams will be the new Tours Co-Chairs for 2011. Nick Hawley who works for SoapBox Communications and also Experience Redmond provided a briefing on January 2011 45

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