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FROM THE INTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Relevance Requires Reflection BY JERRY HALL INTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR MBAKS JHALL@MBAKS.COM The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced a basic truth: the world is getting smaller. Movement—both physical and virtual—is much easier, and information flows at the speed of light. People, ideas, and cultures are more mobile than ever. In this environment, there are many channels people can use to communicate their views and perceptions of MBAKS, and it's important to be attuned to how we're viewed by both members and the general public so we can be as responsive and dynamic as possible. We don't want to get to the point where we're out of step with our own constituents. We'll be less useful to members and more vulnerable to political headwinds that stimy our ability to effectively pursue housing- friendly policies. Staying in step means making sure MBAKS reflects the diversity of the industry we represent and the King and Snohomish County communities we serve. The demographics of the industry are changing, and the association hasn't kept up. This wasn't a conscious, intentional development, but it's one we need to address to successfully steward MBAKS into the coming decades. We must continue to evolve to stay relevant and provide value to all of our current and prospective members. This means doing things a little differently than how we did them 20 years ago, or even how we're doing them today. MBAKS must be a welcoming and inclusive association that invites new perspectives and offers value to the new cohort of young and diverse builders. Otherwise, we'll be doomed to irrelevance. Being welcoming and inclusive does not mean passively waiting for prospective members and the community to decide for themselves how MBAKS can be of value to them. It means embracing intentional, active, and outward-facing behaviors that signal our serious intent to engage current and prospective members, community partners, and elected officials to learn from them, thus helping us all lead MBAKS into the future. That's how we move forward. ACCOUNTABLE COLLABORATIVE DEDICATED INNOVATIVE RECOGNIZING RESPECTFUL MBAKS CORE VALUES MBAKS must be a welcoming and inclusive association that invites new perspectives. 7 WINTER 2021 | master BUILDER IN EVERY ISSUE

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