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Spring 2022

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W hile often overlooked, community is central to the success of your business today, and it will be even more important tomorrow. Without a powerful sense of belonging and purpose, your customers see just another supplier or commodity, and employees see an organization with a cookie-cutter, ho-hum dedication to cohesion, promotion, and identity. Externally, it's all about competitive advantage. If you offer the same product as a local competitor, provide the same level of service, and sell at the same price point, how do you differentiate to win more business? A competitive advantage can mean the difference between winning and losing—and community involvement could provide that advantage. While involvement can take many forms, your contribution must be visible and impactful to be noticed and respected. A long-term strategy is key; short-term efforts may get noticed but will quickly be forgotten. Commit to doing at least one thing well, be it anything from providing financial support to volunteering your time, and BY COLBY GOODMAN DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP & COUNCILS MBAKS Community Good for Business, Inside and Out Get involved in your local homebuilding community at It's common sense that your business should have a strong, positive presence in your local community. But did you know that community is just as important inside your organization? continue doing it year after year. As you get to know local leaders and the issues facing your community, you'll build a robust and reliable reputation as a stakeholder. Community is also important in the organization itself. If you want to attract and keep the best talent, you must demonstrate a commitment to a healthy and inclusive workplace. Your team should have a positive sense of belonging, believe in the mission, have growth opportunities, and of course, feel supported when they need it most. Engaged employees are dedicated employees, and those who value the community you have created will encourage other top talent to join your team. When employees are happy, they work harder and dedicate more to the mission. When customers know you care about the place you live and do business, they choose you over an uninvolved competitor. Today's competitive advantage is all about value and impression. It's up to you to deliver that value and make that impression—and it's not just about what's outside your doors, but inside as well. A competitive advantage can mean the difference between winning and losing—and community involvement could provide that advantage. Upcoming Events General Membership Networking Last Thursday of the Month | 4–6 p.m. MBAKS Banquet Room Visit for up-to-date information on the location and status of events. 26 master BUILDER | SPRING 2022 MEMBERSHIP VALUE

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