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Spring 2022

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BY MELISSA IRONS 2022 RC CHAIR IRONS BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION Upcoming Events RC Dinner March 17 | 6–8:30 p.m. MBAKS Banquet Room Future of Workforce Development Visit for up-to-date information on the location and status of events. W elcome, 2022! I'm so excited to meet new Remodelers Council members and reconnect with familiar faces at our upcoming events and dinners. Through these events, I plan to use my leadership role to "elevate our industry"—the leadership theme I've selected. Elevating our industry means lifting up our members in their businesses and lives. With our programming, we will elevate one another, and in turn, our entire residential construction industry. For those of you who don't know me, I have been a Remodelers Council member for over 12 years and am proud to follow in Jennifer VanderBeken's footsteps as your 2022 Chair. Not only did she ensure that the virtual Remodeled Homes Tour and REX/T-REX Awards remained fun and engaging ways for RC members to celebrate our successes, but she also created a community we could rely on during what was, for many of us, a difficult time professionally and personally. Thank you, Jennifer, for paving the way for Vice-Chair Nathan Coons and me. Remodelers are some of the hardest- working members of our association. We are the boots on the ground—owners, operators, and leaders who get things done! Not only do we deal with the challenging task of remodeling and renovating existing homes, but most of our job sites are occupied by families. Thank you to our fellow builder members for constructing the homes we'll one day get to remodel! But on a more serious note, builders, remodelers, and associates are one big community, providing housing and supporting the American Dream. Our industry is dedicated to service: service to our clients; our employees and their families, friends, and neighbors; our design and trade partners, suppliers, and vendors; and the neighborhoods in which we live and work. The RC membership embodies the word "community" through the relationships we foster and build via active involvement in RC programs and events. I invite you to become involved in the Remodelers Council community in 2022. Elevating Our Industry Join us in elevating our industry at Elevating our industry means lifting up our members in their businesses and lives. 28 master BUILDER | SPRING 2022 WORDS FROM THE CHAIR

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