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Spring 2022

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FROM THE PRESIDENT Embracing Tomorrow And Leaving the COVID Era Behind Since the onset of COVID-19, we have faced continuous challenges in our personal lives, in our work, and within our association. And yet we've still come together in this unpredictable time to positively impact our industry and region through advocacy, community stewardship, and philanthropy. Together, we have navigated this unfamiliar world. Not only have we maintained the integrity of our association, we have guided it to new heights. Through steadfast leadership, we rose from the depths of the pandemic with a stronger MBAKS team, better equipped with the tools we need to best serve our association. As 2022 MBAKS president, my theme for the year is: Embracing Tomorrow. The choice of this theme was a natural one as the world around us reopens and we look toward a brighter tomorrow. From moving beyond COVID to advancing our membership to developing our advocacy goals, there is no better time than the present to look toward the future. As we look ahead, we are beginning to see a shift in our region's mindset regarding what housing and density should look like. We're also seeing waves of buyers in the suburbs pushing up home prices at astonishing rates. Meanwhile, our region's demographics reveal a young population driving home purchases for the foreseeable future. It is the responsibility of MBAKS to help guide our jurisdictions towards responsible growth to meet these long-term trends head on and open the door for more housing options for all. Embracing tomorrow is a way to frame our discussion around a changing world and how we as an association can and must adapt to maintain and increase our relevancy and influence in the Puget Sound region. The challenges facing our industry will not be solved overnight nor effectively addressed with only a select few individuals at the helm. Engagement from all of us, across all levels of this association, is critical to advancing our mission. We are standing on the threshold of fantastic opportunities. I look forward to working with the MBAKS team and members alike to help shape strategic initiatives that will have positive impacts for years to come. Let's embrace tomorrow, together. It is the responsibility of MBAKS to help guide our jurisdictions towards responsible growth to open the door for more housing options for all. STRATEGIC PRIORITIES BY CAMERON MCKINNON 2022 PRESIDENT CONFLUENCE DEVELOPMENT 5 SPRING 2022 | master BUILDER IN EVERY ISSUE

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