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BY STEPHANIE GIRALMO PR & MEDIA MANAGER MBAKS T he word "trend" is often used to describe things that are "of the moment" or considered fashionable— meaning they're only temporary or won't last through the season. Social media trends are a little different. Yes, with everchanging technologies and smarter algorithms, some social media trends have a short lifespan. However, other trends are built to last and will continue to perform. Here are a few social media trends that are here to stay: Video, Video, Video Video remains and will continue to be one of the most engaging forms of content. According to a Cisco study, in 2022, 82% of all online content will be video. Over the past couple of years, we've seen a rise in short-form The 2022 Social Media Trends to Pay Attention To Sign up for Social Media Strategy 101 on April 20 at video. Whether it's Stories, Reels, or TikTok, short, snackable pieces of video are one of the best ways to engage and build your audience. This year, video will continue to be an important aspect of organic and paid social media strategies. Building Lasting Relationships With Your Consumers When social media first began, it provided a place where people could connect and share photos or videos. Now, these platforms serve as a way to promote your business and extend your customer service department. Social media is used for building consumer trust, brand exploration, and even e-commerce. In fact, according to Gartner, 60% of all customer service requests will be sorted out by means of digital channels by 2023. Pay to Play Gone are the days when radio and billboards were the only forms of advertising. Digital advertising should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. If it's not already a line item in your 2022 marketing budget, consider shifting some dollars around to experiment. Paid social media advertising can be more targeted and reach your customers more cost-effectively and efficiently than any form of traditional advertising. Social media advertising gives you the freedom to test and learn with content, pull what's not working, and shift to what is. To ensure that a social media trend or strategy is working towards what you ultimately want to achieve, it's always important to set KPIs (key performance indicators). Like fashion trends, not all social media trends are one-size- fits-all. Social media is used for building consumer trust, brand exploration, and even e-commerce. 49 SPRING 2022 | master BUILDER MEMBERSHIP VALUE

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