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Spring 2022

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FROM THE INTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Building Homes Means Building Community In More Ways Than One BY JERRY HALL INTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR MBAKS JHALL@MBAKS.COM One of the greatest benefits of being a part of MBAKS is the sense of community we have when we all work together to support housing. It's certainly one of my favorite things. Membership gives us a feeling of belonging and a sense of common cause for the homebuilding industry as a whole—a shared vision and mission. In fact, community is the beating heart of our association—we are homebuilders after all. That's why it's so important to build a community that everyone wants to be a part of. So, how do we do this? The first thing we need to do is regularly remind ourselves of our mission, so it always guides our work. It's our raison d'être, why we're all here and what we're all working towards. It's our higher purpose. Second, we need to cultivate a culture of trust and psychological safety by being inclusive and welcoming and avoiding cliques. We must listen to and be respectful of opposing views because we're not always right. And we should celebrate mistakes as learning opportunities. Humility is our strength. Third, we need to stay present and involved and keep in touch when we can't. It's as simple as sending a text to say hello or picking up a phone for a friendly chat. Communication is how we stay on the same page. And finally, we need to be resilient and understand that not everything has to go our way. Sometimes the situation is simply out of our hands, and less favorable outcomes are the price we sometimes pay for having the courage to take risks. That's how we evolve. I think if we all do these things with an intentional, engaged, and positive attitude, we won't just strengthen our community. We will empower all our region's communities to work towards ensuring that everyone has a place to call home. In closing, let me say that working towards community isn't just about the destination. It's also about taking a joyful journey together. I am very happy to be on this journey with you. ACCOUNTABLE COLLABORATIVE DEDICATED INNOVATIVE RECOGNIZING RESPECTFUL MBAKS CORE VALUES Community is the beating heart of our association—we are homebuilders after all. 7 SPRING 2022 | master BUILDER IN EVERY ISSUE

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