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6 Spiel – April 2022 Doug appreciates the commitment that Porsche makes to their motorsport success and how that technology transfers to the vehicles we all love. Outside of that passion, he enjoys soccer, hiking, and spending time outdoors in the company of others. FROM THE PRESIDENT DOUG ANDREASSEN President • (206) 300-3701 president@pnwr.org Oh, Spring has Sprung! B y the time you receive this issue, we will have honored the last of our PNWR charter members: Allan Caldwell. We hosted an event on May 1 to say "thanks" to Allan for his years of service to the PCA and PNWR. He continues to lead a remarkable life and contribute to our organization. We cannot say it enough: "Thank you, Allan!" We are pleased that PNWR is back at full strength for all our events. I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to participate in their favorite event as we turn the corner on spring and start to say "summer." Our program chairs have assembled a star-studded series of events for you in the coming months; it's time to check out the possibilities. Our Spiel team has added Bobbie Kalben, and she is working with Kevin Nouwens in the magazine's production. We appreciate her efforts! We have also made a decision to run the magazine in full color. We have received many comments from members who want to see all the pictures in color; it is time for a trial run. Let us know how you like it. I will see you down the road. grit it takes to put a race team together at the pinnacle of endurance racing to compete for 12-24 hours straight. Needless to say, they've done it, and done it multiple times. At Sebring, I was left in awe watching famed Porsche race engineers Proton Competition in action. They showed total professionalism. It was Proton with whom Don and Donna (along with daughter, Siena, a babe in arms at the time) partnered on many occasions. I came away with increased admiration and appreciation of why the Kitchs hold everything and everyone to such high standards. They know what it takes, and there's simply no tolerance for shortcuts. Do it right or not at all. Racing is part of their family's DNA. Anyone who's been fortunate enough to attend ProFormance Racing School is directly benefiting from years of real-world experience being passed on. Their passion runs deep to help novice students, seasoned lappers, and serious racers become the best they possibly can. This is a family, who I've been honored to capture for the cover of this issue, that lives for racing and is so generous in sharing their time, imparting years of hard-gotten knowledge. I hope you enjoy the peek into the Kitch family via the words of Sydney Tanner. – Karl Noakes, PNWR member I write this guest editor's piece whilst heading back home to the Pacific Northwest, cruising at 35,000 ft. aboard Alaska flight 160 and ending a very long and hugely exciting week. I attended Sebring 2022, and witnessed, in close quarters, three solid days of hard racing in the humidity of Florida springtime: Porsche Carrera Cup, the U.S. round of World Endurance Championship (WEC) 1,000 Miles, and IMSA Sportscar 12 Hours. It was directly due to the Kitchs (who are featured in this issue's cover story) putting a "word in" for me that I was afforded sought-after media credentials, which allowed me to ply my craft and tick off a huge bucket list item. Those credentials granted me access to most places; I'll trade lavish hospitality for the glorious stink of race fuel all day long! I've had to prove myself credible. You don't get an endorsement from Don until you've earned it, but when you do, it carries weight in the world of motorsport. Being amongst the hustle and bustle of pit lane had me musing about the many moments I've enjoyed reminiscing with Don and Donna about their own experiences of endurance racing at the classics, including Daytona, Le Mans and, of course, Sebring. Without witnessing it for yourself, it's hard to comprehend the level of commitment, tenacity, and sheer GUEST EDITORIAL Follow us on Instagram @pca_pnwr. Text "PNWR" to 55678 for all club info on events, news & exclusives. Opt in now!

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