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6 Spiel – May 2022 Doug appreciates the commitment that Porsche makes to their motorsport success and how that technology transfers to the vehicles we all love. Outside of that passion, he enjoys soccer, hiking, and spending time outdoors in the company of others. FROM THE PRESIDENT DOUG ANDREASSEN President • (206) 300-3701 president@pnwr.org W elcome to our favorite time of year: summer! Well, at least some of the days are summer-like. We are excited for you experience all that our region has to offer over the following months. I encourage you to look over our list of activities and meet your PNWR friends at an event near you. The PNWR board recently made a charitable contribution of $20,000 to the Western Washington University fund to support the Formula SAE (FSAE) program. Our intrepid treasurer, Mary Downing, wrote a fitting note to WWU that deserves to be read by all: "Recently, three key members of the WWU Racing FSAE program attended our virtual board meeting and, again, amazed us with a progress report on their first all-electric race car build. PNWR PCA staff enjoyed meeting with the students and witnessing their enthusiasm for this new build and upcoming competition. We appreciate that the students are prepared and poised to provide a presentation that is informative and interesting. Our members who autocross look forward to those events where the WWU FSAE team is out to test their vehicle and increase driving skills. The FSAE program provides a high level of energy and well-rounded skill sets from business management to designing, planning, manufacturing, communicating, and competing. Whether they continue in an automotive field or not, the skills they are learning are invaluable. This program deserves the financial and teaching resources support of the university." We eternally owe a debt of gratitude to each of you for helping us assemble the successful programs in our region. The work is planned and executed by volunteers; we can always use the help that will help us generate new ideas and program administration. Please consider how you may enable us to continue to grow PNWR. Contact me or any board members if you are interested in assisting. I will see you down the road. Welcome to Summer? Well, sort of… GUEST EDITORIAL Follow us on Instagram @pca_pnwr. Text "PNWR" to 55678 for all club info on events, news & exclusives. Opt in now! However, on the Porsche front, besides his new-to-him 2021 Macan S, he has a few other Porsches that he treats with kid gloves: a 2012 997.2 Yellow Carrera, a 2011 987.2 Cream Boxster Spyder, and a 1986 Guards Red 944 Turbo, all in pristine condition. In fact, the Turbo is a national Concours winner that he actually picked up at the Porsche factory and drove around Europe for a month before having it shipped to the states. Then there's the 924S, a somewhat limited production car to round out his Porsche stable. He told me recently that he always wanted a green Porsche but could never get his hands on one in great condition. All that changed when he discovered three Mamba Green Macans at Porsche Bellevue that were demo vehicles. He worked some deals with a couple of his other non-Porsche cars and essentially got the Macan without spending another dime, and now he has his green dream car! Norbert has been a member of PNWR for something like 36 years, and he has seen a lot and done a lot, so it's only fitting that he gets his cover story with his new Mamba Green machine! – Greg Halverson, PNWR Tour Chair I am happy to introduce the cover story for this month's Spiel because Norbert Kremsner is a friend of mine, and I know a little bit about his car "corral" at his house! The 2021 Mamba Green Macan S is just the latest addition to his "collection." As other PNWR tour participants know, Norbert and I can be found in the same car switching roles as driver and navigator when our wives choose not to attend a tour or, in my case, when my wife decides she wants to drive her Boxster by herself! We always have a good time on the tours as well as at the lunches afterwards. Norbert and his son, Erik, are very close. They do a lot of car stuff together and can be seen at Bremerton doing autocross. Erik is quite the autocross driver. Norbert likes to autocross as well but admits that Erik is the better autocrosser. With so many vehicles around, Norbert and Erik do a lot of their own maintenance, and I swear Norbert has every tool known to mankind in his garages. He says he knows where every one of them is located, but I wonder… When I say Norbert's "collection," I wouldn't necessarily call him a collector, but he just has a lot of cars around, not all of them Porsches.

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