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R educing greenhouse emissions means housing more people in healthier, more energy-efficient homes in cities near jobs, amenities, and transit. Unfortunately, a lack of affordable options has priced residents out of booming cities like Seattle and into sprawling suburbs with long, carbon- intensive commutes. A new generation of homebuilders understands that the lack of affordable housing and climate change are related problems requiring interlinked solutions. One of the leading lights in this new way of thinking and acting is Green Canopy NODE. MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Green Machine Green Canopy NODE's Quest for Sustainable and Affordable BY JAMES SLONE CONTENT STRATEGIST MBAKS ARTICLE PHOTOS COURTESY GREEN CANOPY NODE Where housing is located and who can afford it matters as much as how it's built—a realization Green Canopy NODE intuitively grasps. For them, solving the housing problem at scale means creating a new paradigm where green housing is accessible to people of all income levels. It sounds easy, but it's complicated. Green at Scale Green Canopy NODE brought together Seattle-based carbon- mitigating construction firm NODE with Green Canopy, a green development and construction company based in Seattle and Portland with a long history helping lead the net zero revolution. In a 2021 press release announcing their merger, Green Canopy NODE Co-CEO Bec Chapin said that the company's aim was "an evolution of the industry to build more houses faster that create greater health, wellbeing, and resiliency for people and communities now and in the future." For Aaron Fairchild, Green Canopy NODE co-CEO, it's as much a moral question as a practical one. "As humanity continues to grapple with the need to house more people, our communities and planet feel the strain. We're trying to lessen the strain and offer more regenerative solutions Aaron Fairchild Bec Chapin Green Canopy NODE's Architectural Design Team has created a beautiful design that is easy to build and sell. KIRK RUSSELL (Design services client) 25 SUMMER 2022 | master BUILDER IN EVERY ISSUE

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