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BY STEPHANIE GIRALMO PR & MEDIA MANAGER MBAKS The Everchanging Media Landscape A decade ago, print, television, and radio dominated in ways unimaginable today. Now, with online mediums like community-based websites and blogs in the picture, your potential customers are incorporating non-traditional forms of media into their content consumption. So how do you utilize all these different types of content in your marketing efforts? Paid, Owned, and Earned Media—What's the Difference? There are three types of media that can help direct customer attention towards your marketing initiatives or campaigns: • PAID MEDIA As stated in the name, paid media is any marketing that your business pays for. This includes traditional avenues like print, radio, and TV and non-traditional approaches using social media, search engine marketing, and digital display advertising. Since digital marketing often has advanced targeting options, it's a great way to reach your desired target audience. • OWNED MEDIA Owned media refers to marketing content that you create and can publish for free. This includes content on your website, organic social media posts, and email marketing. You have some control over who sees your owned content, and it should be a key part of your content strategy. • EARNED MEDIA The hardest of the three to utilize, this category encompasses content that you can't fully control. However, earned media is still an important part of any marketing strategy. It includes influencers, public relations, and reviews of your product or business. A benefit of an earned media strategy is that it helps build consumer trust in your brand, products, or services. A successful campaign should combine all the above to ensure you are reaching your potential customer base. As the media landscape continues to shift and evolve, it's important that you stay educated on the current and upcoming marketing trends. This will help you create a strong, successful, and sustainable business. Visit for more ideas on making the most of your marketing efforts It's no secret the media landscape has changed. A successful campaign should combine paid, owned, and earned media to ensure you are reaching your potential customer base. 29 SUMMER 2022 | master BUILDER MEMBERSHIP VALUE

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