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A Custom Approach is the Best Plan BY COLBY GOODMAN DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP & COUNCILS MBAKS Upcoming Events General Membership Networking July 28 | 4–6 p.m. MBAKS Banquet Room Visit for up-to-date information on the location and status of events. T he most engaged businesses with the highest levels of user retention are those who recognize that needs and wants vary from customer to customer. When designing a strong engagement plan, focus on brand voice (how your brand presents itself; feel and tone), the types of customer experiences you offer, the content prospects find valuable, how you reach them, and how to best engage them once they're yours. Some of the most frequently poorly executed parts of a plan are personalizing the experience, meeting clients where they are, and effectively supporting your relationship. Avoid those pitfalls by focusing on these four things: 1. RESEARCH & DISCOVER What is your client buying from you and from others? This is key to ensuring you are offering in-demand solutions to actual client problems. How are competitors approaching their product mix, and how are they interacting with their customers? Just because you sold a lot of something in the past doesn't mean it will sell tomorrow. 2. ENGAGEMENT MAPPING Evaluate how you connect with prospects and encourage existing customers to stay and spend more money. Start by mapping your customer journey: a visual that includes all the points your customer takes in their buying decision and relationship with you. Shop competitors to see what they are doing. Not all clients' needs are the same, yet many businesses assume they are. Interested in learning more about the best business practices? Join our classes and events at 3. GO TO THEM In a highly competitive market, you can't wait for them to come to you. This would be like fishing in a lake that has no fish; you need to find the lake that is full of potential catches. Understand how their environment affects their business and understand their communities and customers. Where they are and what they care about is important to them, and it should be even more important to you. 4. DO WHAT YOU PROMISE, WELL Make sure you can and will deliver what you sell them, do it well, and seek to create "wow" experiences. A good engagement strategy costs you time and money, so don't let your investment go to waste by coming in short of what you promised. Customers' needs are not all the same, so your plans shouldn't be either. A good engagement strategy will evolve, and you'll need to commit to evaluating your approach on a regular basis. 55 SUMMER 2022 | master BUILDER MEMBERSHIP VALUE

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