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BY JENNIFER TENNYSON 2022 PWB CHAIR TENNYSON PAINT Our Community Rebuilding Our Future E xciting times arrive every summer: vacations, rewarding work, long days with friends and family. Growing up in tornado alley, we also anticipated wild storms. As grasshoppers whirred through the air and the thermometer surged past 105 degrees, we knew a tornado could start twirling. Maybe not this summer, maybe not next year, but we knew a tornado might touch down and dance destruction. Tornadoes could be frightening, and were an important lesson in the resilience and the strength of community. Neighbors who merely exchanged nods the rest of the year quickly secured roofs, repaired homes, and provided any other necessities when a twister came to town. It was our community in action, making a difference and helping others. In many ways, Professional Women in Building is a community in action—our members are passionate about helping others. That's why in 2022, PWB is partnering with Domestic Violence Services (DVS) of Snohomish County. We're helping those directly affected by domestic violence in tangible ways—from collecting needed items for families throughout 2022 to teaching children at DVS how to build planter boxes. PWB and DVS are building safe homes—and growing hope—together. Tornadoes are part of life's roller coaster in tornado alley. A mundane day suddenly marked by small talk of a tornado watch. Big talk of a tornado warning follows. Sirens screeching throughout town, urgent warnings to take appropriate shelter. Twister touches down, leaves, then the community pulls together to make everything right again or better than it was. Domestic violence can be like a tornado, and it affects all of us, either directly or indirectly. As reported by the National Coalition to Stop Domestic Violence: "In 2020, domestic violence offenses comprised 49.7% of all crimes against persons in Washington State." However, as with tornadoes, neighbors are helping neighbors, making our community's future better and brighter. In many ways, DVS is the neighbor repairing homes, and PWB is the friend working alongside providing materials. We're working together as a team to build safe homes and communities in Snohomish County. In many ways, Professional Women in Building is a community in action—our members are passionate about helping others. Interested in making a difference? Join PWB and build a brighter future —for everyone. Upcoming Events Shaken, Not Stirred August 2, September 13 | 4–6 p.m. Bonefish Grill, Bothell Networking Happy Hour Visit for up-to-date information on the location and status of events. 56 master BUILDER | SUMMER 2022 WORDS FROM THE CHAIR

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