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June 2016

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The fastest-growing retro in the state once again proves why. 40 percent combined refund is highest in GRIP history. GRIP GOES BIGGER THAN EVER BEFORE GRIP participants are about to receive their refund distributions, including their fi rst share from the highest-ever 40 percent group refund, which was announced in April. The refund amount is based on multiple factors designed to maximize workers' health by ensuring safe work practices and job sites. The safer participants are, the bigger the refund. An increase in refunds suggests that not only are GRIP members using the program to keep employees safe, but continuing to improve on an already strong working relationship with GRIP's Retro Coordinators, who advocate for participants throughout the claims management process. The largest local retro in Washington state, GRIP serves more than 1,000 King, Snohomish and Pierce MBA members, 95 percent of which remained with the program last year. Builders and contractors trust GRIP and the program's workers' comp experts to help lower L&I premiums, keep job sites safe and, of course, maximize annual refunds. Current GRIP participants will receive refund checks early this Summer. Not in GRIP yet? Hurry to by June 15 to enroll for the 2016-17 plan year. WHAT DOES GRIP OFFER YOU? LOWER L&I PREMIUMS GRIP participants pay nearly $8 million less than the base rate. L&I CLAIMS SUPPORT Superior, hands-on claims assistance from our local experts. L&I PREMIUM REFUNDS Participants received over $5 million in combined refunds in 2015. NURSE CLAIMS MANAGERS GRIP communicates directly with doctors to save you time. SAFETY CHECKUP GRIP's on-site assessments help you avoid injuries and violations. RETURN TO WORK PROGRAMS GRIP helps workers get back on the job quickly. READY TO GET A GRIP ON YOUR WORKERS' COMP? Visit today or call the GRIP hotline: 844.MBA.GRIP GRIP is a local building industry Retro program administered by Approach Management Services, serving participants in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties. Refund amounts cannot be guaranteed. The 2014 fi rst adjustment refund of 39.6% is stated as 40%. GRIP rate of growth is determined by premium since 2010. 13 06.16 master builder feature story

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