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June 2016

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BY JOSEPH IRONS, GMB, GMR, CGR, CAPS, CGP IRONS BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION,INC. 2016 PRESIDENT MASTER BUILDERS ASSOCIATION Summer Can Be a Time for Adventure...If You're Prepared MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Every journey requires preparation. Like many of you, I enjoy the outdoors. This time of year brings many opportunities to get out and do stuff , experience the beauty of the season, and maybe put a new story of adventure in your pocket. Yet even the simplest journeys can provide things unexpected, as evidenced over and over again. Day hikers who haphazardly waltz into the wilderness without proper guidance, for example, and then make the return trip in a rescue chopper. On one hand, getting back home safely is a victory in itself, but those who are prepared probably won't have to spend a few scary hours — or longer — lost, waiting and worried. This lesson in preparedness also translates to the professional world. Workplace dangers can be prevented by investing in the right classes and the right equipment. Projects are completed quickly and on budget when a solid plan is in place prior to execution. Business growth and success come from having the right things in place and by being able to take advantage of any situation that happens. There is no right time for success, just a matter of always being prepared. When you're permanently prepared, you choose the right time for success. Of course, this is easier in theory than in practice. The opportunities for preparedness, however, are all around you. Nowhere is this truer than within the Master Builders Association. We're here to ensure you are prepared for whatever professional, or even personal, goals you aim to accomplish. A myriad of classes and educational avenues are available to help you and your employees, as are a number of events and gatherings specifi cally designed to get you in front of other members, leaders and potential customers. Go to one of our council happy hours prepared to simply socialize and do a little networking, and you may very possibly fi nd a new lead or connection you otherwise would not have made. These opportunities are waiting for you. So put on that proverbial jacket and lace up those hypothetical hiking boots. We're here to help you map out your path and send you out on your adventure fully prepared for the road ahead — or at least as prepared as possible. Enjoy this time of year. Spend time with family, go on a weekend hike. Do whatever prompts you to get outside. When you come back, we'll be here with a variety of opportunities throughout the summer and beyond. Oh, and that new story you have saved in your pocket? There's no better way to break the ice at an MBA event than with one of these. Go ahead and try it. You may just fi nd that it brings with it a whole new set of professional ventures. Join us. Tell your story. Have some fun along the way. And be better prepared for that next adventure, whatever it may be. Have a great summer. The MBA is here to help ensure that you are prepared for whatever professional, or even personal, goals you aim to accomplish. " 5 06.16 master builder

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