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June 2016

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BY BRENDA NUNES 2016 SALES & MARKETING COUNCIL CHAIR KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY Shades of Green: Eco Success Stories D o you have an answer for this yet? If not, you probably will sooner than later. More and more, we're learning how to take better care of ourselves and our environment, adopting necessary everyday lifestyle changes. Green building techniques and technology are becoming the norm; no longer expensive fringe additions for those who have the flexibility and money. While it's nothing new to talk about your home's solar panel array and drought tolerant landscaping, we shouldn't forget the pioneers of green building; the ones who blazed the paths for more efficient, economical and standard sustainable building practices — all the things that make us, our homes and our community better. Everyone loves a (green) success story. How have you implemented smart, efficient solutions into your life? For more information on this event or to learn more about the Sales & Marketing Council, contact Membership Programs Manager Eric Thomas, at or 425.460.8234. Martha Rose, MBA Past President and owner of Martha Rose Construction, shares two successes. "On my Seattle project that we call City Cabins at Indian Wall, we were able to salvage over 10,000 board feet of lumber by deconstructing the 1960s duplex on the site. By pulling nails and reusing the wood, we were able to keep it out of the landfill. On the same in-city infill site, we were able to manage 100% of our stormwater using a variety of Low-Impact Development (LID) techniques, including pervious concrete and vegetated garage roofs." What if you don't have a clean-up project? Built Green Program Manager Leah Missik proves that everyday successes are easily doable. "I take the bus to work whenever I can. It's a more relaxing start to my day and it gives me time to read! I am also a vegetarian, largely because eating less meat is a great way to reduce your environmental and climate footprints. And in the winter, I don't turn my heat up very high. Instead, I bundle up in my favorite house sweater — it saves energy, money and is cozier!" W ant to share your green success story? Are you looking for insight on green building or simply want to hear more success stories? We'd love to have you at our September 28 Sales & Marketing Council Luncheon, where the focus will be — you guessed it — Green Building Success Stories, as part of Sustainable September. Mark your calendars for this exciting, informative event and join some of the most progressive Puget Sound area industry leaders as we continue to redefine what it means to be green. 50 master builder 06.16 words from the chair

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