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June 2016

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M ind you, there's no "right" answer to this question, although it can be said that the two platforms have distinct pros and cons, depending on the logo on your laptop. Android, for example, provides more openness and fl exibility, allowing for a more individualized user experience. In other words, there are multiple ways to get from point A to point B in any given application. With iOS, which the iPhone employs, there is one streamlined way to get from A to B. This promotes simplicity because you have to learn just one way to do things — there is no deviation. Of course Android users see this as restrictive. BY ROBIN NOLAN 2016 PROFESSIONAL WOMEN IN BUILDING CHAIR THE BANCORP think. Take the June 14 PWB Leadership Lunch, titled "Leadership? There's an App for That." This event will feature a lively discussion on the latest tech trends and which ones you should be using. I'd also like to invite you to our Summer Social, August 9, which features a relaxing environment perfect for networking with builder members and enjoying the beauty of summer. Of course I am very excited to announce the 2016 Professional Women in Building Conference, which is on October 13 at the beautiful Glendale Country Club in Bellevue. Hear keynote speaker words from the chair The Great Phone Debate and Other Important Things Which do you prefer? Android or iOS? It seems like this is the great divide today, at least in terms of harmless tableside debates and friendly banter about whose phone is superior — or at least which is best for playing Candy Crush. That's a debate for another day, however. Whatever phone you carry around in your pocket, I think we can all agree that the tech tools we use every day have an immense eff ect on the way we operate both personally and professionally. Communication is easier, news travels at the speed of light and things just get done faster. It seems that now more than ever, if you don't have the latest piece of technology, you are falling behind. Is there a more productive way to navigate the seas of all this shiny new evolution and stay on top of things? Yes, actually. And the answer may be a lot closer, and easier, than you Jessica Butts shed light on how you can lead, inspire and connect while "Paving the Road Ahead" — our offi cial theme for the event. I am looking forward to meeting new faces during each of these fun and benefi cial events throughout the summer and fall, as well as continuing to pave the path ahead for women in building. If you need help keeping track of all our events, tap out of Candy Crush for a moment and place them on your phone's calendar. 53 06.16 master builder words from the chair

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